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What is Agility?

Agility refers to complex decision-making with the objective of increasing value. In order to increase its agility, a company does not only need to flexibly adapt but is required to orchestrate a variety of options, reflect on them, and finally decide to act – or to maintain the status quo. Agility is the freedom and the capability to “act otherwise”.

Agility Management Model
To manage agility, we have developed the Agility Management Model, which combines the individual view with the organisational view of agility. In both realms, perception is key for later action: we cannot consider what we have not perceived. The key driver of agility is in the dynamics of the involved people or organization. Accordingly, the Agility Management Model splits into four dimensions that carry perception or dynamics of individual or organization: Mindset, Identity, Leadership, and Capabilities.

  • Mindset

    What do we focus on and are we accepted by our peer groups? Do we provoke contradictions?

  • Identity

    What is perceived as central about our organization and is this shared by our stakeholders?

  • Leadership

    How do we lead ourselves and others, how are we led? Is responsibility part of our leadership orientation?

  • Capabilities

    What is the potential of our organization to sense and seize opportunities and to reconfigure itself?

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Martin is a seasoned entrepreneur and business developer. He lived on two continents and has consulted clients all over Europe. Martin is outstanding in organisational development and training.
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Former Chief Learning Officer, Andreas has seen several international organisations. In consulting, he is excellent at expanding your horizons of deployable options. He is an expert in leadership practice & theory.
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